Monseñor Oscar Romero Charter School (MORCS) provides for urban students in grades 6-8 for academic success and promotes active community participation. The Pico Union/Westlake was chosen as the site for the school because it is an underserved community, composed of immigrant families struggling to overcome the economic barriers that accompany poor educational resources and cultural isolation.

The commitment is to engage students to become education and as change agents to build and contribute to their community and to celebrate the richness of their cultures. Monseñor Oscar Romero Charter School uses a learning model that treats all students as gifted and talented, with an emphasis on effective education and collaborative inquiry.

The curriculum is based on research-based effective programs that include facilitation by culturally-enriched instructional strategies. All members of the school community are engaged in our school and play significant roles; as students, parents, teachers and staff. Through high expectations, a rigorous curriculum, a personalized learning environment which is grounded in the culture of students, and family-school-community partnerships, the school assists students to overcome these barriers and in turn empower them to succeed well beyond high school, and lifelong learning.