SFA Facilitator Fan Day

Our facilitators do amazing work and we are proud to celebrate them today: #SFAfacilitatorfanday

SFA Facilitator Fan Day

Zepeda_web0179Freddy Zepeda:

We would like to give a shout out to our amazing SFA facilitator for Monseñor Oscar Romero Charter School, Freddy Zepeda.  He works tirelessly to make sure teachers are supported in their implementation of the SFA program.  He visits classrooms daily, helps teachers with the data, runs component meetings monthly, teaches model lessons, manages materials, troubleshoots technology issues and so much more.  Freddy does this amazing work on top of being an 8th grade ELA teacher, soccer coach, and ELA/SS academic coach.  We greatly appreciate Freddy and the work he is doing at MORCS to impact the greater community and the lives of our students.  Thank you, Freddy, for all you do!



Takeyama_web0174Kirk Takeyama:

Kirk stepped into the role of SFA facilitator at Bert Corona Charter School a couple of years ago after achieving great results and growth in his own SFA class.  Kids and teachers alike appreciate the work, care and support Mr. Takeyama puts into his day and they feel comfortable going to him when they need help.  On top of being the SFA facilitator, Kirk teachers 100% of our students in his PE program, coaches soccer, oversees our advisory program, and helps admin to monitor progress of our kids in both PE and reading.  Kirk works hard to ensure that the SFA program is implemented well and he is a constant voice and leader for the teaching team.  Thank you, Kirk, for all you do!



McCall_web_0169Grania McCall:

Grania is new to the SFA facilitator role this year and was selected to lead our SFA program at the high school after she was able to push students to strong gains last year at our middle school.  Grania is strong support for our teachers and for our students and she is actively engaging in conversations with school leaders to learn how to best implement her role.  In addition to learning about her new leadership role on the fly, Grania has been instrumental in the opening of our new high school and has helped lead the team in building a wonderful school culture!  She pushes her kids in her English classes and in SFA, and she works hard daily to make sure all of our teachers are supported in the SFA program.  Thank you, Grania, for all you do!

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